5 Easy Steps to Wink


Scan WINK+ QR Codes in SMRT stations and other selected islandwide locations to earn 1-2 points!


Activate your WINK+ App during your train rides and earn WINK+ Points.


Earn WINK+ Points with each ERP transactions.


Earn WINK+ Points by participating in WINK+ Play campaigns.


Collect WINK+ points by hitting WINK+ Gates all around Singapore.

How to link your travel card ID to your WINK+ account

1. Tap on WINK+ Menu
2. Tap on "Cards"
3. Key in the 16-digit CAN id found at the back of your EZ-link card, NETS Flashplay/Contactless CashCard Citibank SMRT Card
You can link up to 3 cards

Playing by the WINK+ Rules DON'T GET LOCKED OUT