Read what our users are saying about WINK+

I love WINK+ because it encourages me to take more steps to exercise and indirectly helps me to find out about more promos in SG. It's a win-win for me.

I love the WINK+ play function and WINK+ Gates. It makes travelling so much more fun!

WINK+ is fantastic because it gives me something to do on long train rides while also earning points to redeem really good stuff at the same time! I love that I can get my favourite snacks from one of their merchant partners using WINK+ vouchers!

I like WINK+ because points can redeem many items for free and I can get some information of offers by sponsors. I can save money for my family, thank you WINK+.

WINK+ enables customers to enjoy great deals and great savings. Most importantly, I feel that WINK+ is indirectly a good form of exercise - customers who walk round to scan QR codes can at the same time burn down excess calories.

WINK+ is easy and free to use and enables me to scan QR codes to accumulate points to redeem for rewards.

I love WINK+ as it adds fun into daily mundane commute on the train! Taking MRT is a pretty fun thing to do with WINK+! It encourages the frequent use of public transport, which in turn saves the environment and also helps us save costs from the cash discounts on iMob shops and participating stores! We can also exercise and walk a little more and clock more steps! How fantastic! I love WINK+ for bringing fun to us!

With WINK+ I can earn points for FREE! And the partner merchants are among my favourites!

I like WINK+ because it makes commuting all the more rewarding.